It is important that we must speak up against all forms of infringement on human rights, whether such is committed against us or to others. There is no such thing as it is done to them not us. When the rights of other are violated so are our rights. We may not see nor feel that outright but whether we like it or not such violations would find its way into our doors.

We know as sex workers how it is to be forced to live with the sufferings arising from being deprived of our human rights. Deprivations which our society through the government has approved of because like the drug users now being hunted under the current regime’s  drug war, we are just dregs of the earth that the sytem would just be glad to see wiped out.

We can not let the system continue to have its  way. We must continue to fight back. We must draw strength from our own experiences of oppression and not be cowered. We must show the powers that run the system who have elevated themselves as a class above us and have arrogated themselves  the power to withhold human rights from those they deemed not deserving, that human rights is not inalienable. It is not optional. It is a privilege not a gift. It is not for them to dole out

They have marked us and others like us as not worthy of any human rights because they see us as without morals and therefore not part of humanity. We must show them that we understand better what being moral and being human is all about.

But as we gear up and fight back shouting out to the world that “Sex Workers Rights Are Human Rights”, let us not forget to reach out to others who suffer the burden of human rights abuse that we are with them. Let them know we own their persecution. Their exclusion is our exclusion. When the boots of the system kicks them out to the margin, we feel those same hard boots smacking our face.  We are not boxed in our own human rights concern. The human rights struggle of the powerless, the voiceless and the unseen are flamed by the same fire.  Our oppressions are intertwined.






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