They chose to work in jobs that affords them chance to get out of the poverty mill undeterred by social stigma and moral shaming. They refuse to work their bodies to a hilt for a pittance so others could live well out of their sweats. The consider their work as emancipating as it is a job they have control of. But sadly, as it is with people who defy mores and traditions, women, transgenders and men in the sex trade are made to pay for their defiance. Their human rights are trampled and their work is made a crime. It is a situation they must fight back and change. It is no crime to escape from the clutches of poverty in ways that does not hurt anyone. It is not a crime to seek the power for self-determination. Poverty and powerlessness, not sex work is immoral.

Help us support the Philippine sex workers fight to defend their human rights. Human rights are not for the powerful to dispense. It is integral to everyones existence. It is what makes human beings human beings.

Huwomanity Fund partners and gives women living in the fringe support in their struggle for justice and freedom, sex workers among them. All funds raised through this call for support will go to the Philippine Sex Workers Collective.  https://www.crowdrise.com/fundraiser/edit/philippinesexworkerscollective/sexworkers


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