Dear Rhoda Grant

We are writing to register our objection to your proposal to criminalize the purchase of sex in Scotland. What you propose to do not only harms sister sex workers in Scotland but all other sex workers around the globe. We have people like you in the Philippines who are just waiting to cite what you propose to do as an example to validate their own similar agenda. The Swedish Model was ineffective. It has not achieved what it aimed for. On the opposite it has made life more difficult for sex workers. The best people who could speak on the impact of the law are the Swedish sex workers themselves. You only have to listen to their voices on this video – and on this article – to understand how violative the law is of the sex workers’ human rights. We hope you listen to the voices of our sister sex workers in Scotland in the same way that we hope we would not be hearing legislators in the Philippine Congress proposing to do the same thing you want done citing Scotland as another model to follow in dealing with the issue of prostitution.  

Thank you

The Phillippine Sex Workers Collective


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